Bone Building

One in two women will fracture a bone due to Osteoporosis. ​By age 35 we begin to lose muscle mass, a shocking 5% every decade. Decreased muscle mass is related to decreased bone density. Circuit training encourages bone building because it incorporates weight-bearing exercises with strength-building exercises that can help prevent muscle loss and maintain bone density.  

​​​Heart Health

Up to 82% of heart disease is preventable in women by adopting healthy habits. Circuit training is great for women over 40 because of its fast-paced nature, promoting cardiovascular benefits that reduce your risk for heart disease.

Weight Loss

Ensuring that you’re burning sufficient calories over the course of the day is critical to fighting weight gain. Circuit training is excellent for women as it really helps to rev up your metabolism and increase total calorie expenditure by increasing muscle mass.

REV Fitness addresses the unique fitness needs of women. The workout can be easily customized to address your personal wellness goals and health concerns.  See workout options below.

As we age our balance deteriorates due to lack of physical activity, visual impairment and lack of proprioception (sensors of position and movement in the feet and legs). ​​The REV circuit cardiovascular stations encourage standing exercises that improve muscle strength, balance and coordination.

Workout Routines