Enjoy the many benefits of walking in the great outdoors. This 50 to 60 minute walk is social and can range from a moderate pace with hill climbs to a gentle stroll.  No one is left behind and everyone is encouraged to participate.   Meet at REV Fitness at noon on Friday. REV Walking Club welcomes members and non-members alike.  So invite a friend!  Bring water, and wear a hat, sunglasses and a smile!

(Foul weather may cause us to go with Plan B, which is an indoor REV workout!)

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Every Monday at 5:15 PM &

Every Thursday at 12:15 PM

Meets Every Friday at Noon

Special Events

We regularly schedule events that focus on women’s health and wellness covering topics like diet, nutrition, personal care and menopause. These are often free and  are open to members as well as non-members to enjoy.                                          Come join us for these fun events. 

Fun Circuit Training for Women

 REV it UP! with Michele

 Walking Club

Join fellow REV members for this circuit class that bends the rules and shakes up your usual exercise routine.  Experiment with different intensity levels, change your workout format, increase calorie burn, cardiovascular fitness and strength, all while having fun and challenging yourself.  Learn new exercises and fitness facts.   Michele provides encouragement and motivation throughout these 30 to 40 minute sessions.  Appropriate for all fitness levels. Bring water and a towel, wear sneakers.

 Walk and Talk Workshop: ​​ Join registered dietitian Amy Rice, of Champlain Nutritional Services, and personal trainer, Michele Butler, for a “Talk and a Walk". Thirty minutes of nutrition and exercise “talk” followed by thirty minutes of “walk and talk”.

The next session begins this autumn.       


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