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“Several years ago I had gotten disgusted with my weight gain.  On a whim I joined a Women’s-only Fitness Center.  It was hard at first because I was out of shape.  Before long, my body responded.  I enjoy the REV Fitness circuit because it is simple and quick- in and out in 30 (minutes).  I have lost 30 lbs. and have kept it off.  I have also found my waistline!  REV Fitness is aerobic, weight bearing and body sculpting.  I would be lost if I didn’t continue to go.”

Marian Baser, Bristol, VT

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Marian Baser's Story

The Women's Only Fitness Studio in Middlebury, Vermont

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Would love to meet you! Whether you are looking for a circuit workout for women or need to find a personal trainer, contact me so we can meet for a tour of the Rev Fitness facility. It's a quick 30 minute circuit that will inspire you. Begin your FREE WEEK now!


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