How to use the REV circuit to improve balance:

  • Practice your footwork patterns such as step-touch, heel-toe, high knees, step-ups
  • Perform side to side movements and hip flexion exercises such as half squats. This challenge improves the strength of your hip and lower body stabilizing muscles, that are important for balance
  • Swing arms in opposition to legs while exercising on the platforms

Many factors can affect balance, deteriorating eyesight and depth perception, lack of input from proprioceptors located in our joints, inner ear issues, lack of muscular strength, and lack of practice can all contribute to instability. 


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In REV Fitness there are many opportunities to practice footwork patterns. Using the platforms to practice footwork patterns increases agility and balance. Many fitness centers that offer seated machine-based  cardiovascular training, such as bicycles, don't get the same results. In REV Fitness, standing when doing cardio workouts, produces more opportunities to improve balance, quickness and reaction time. Performing a variety of footwork drills increases the strength of core musculature and stabilizing muscles in the hip joint. This increased strength correlates with better balance.

Cross-crawl patterning is when opposite sides of the body work together. For example, when you walk and your right arm and right leg move in  opposite directions. Practicing cross crawl patterns stimulates the right and left hemispheres of the brain to communicate more efficiently. This firing of neural pathways is essential for physical and hand-to-eye coordination. In addition, a cross crawl movement stabilizes the pelvis while mobilizing the shoulders when walking, reinforcing a normal walking pattern.

One of the reasons agility and balance decline is simply a lack of practice. Most adults do not practice skills like walking toe to toe, or standing on one leg.